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I am living in Indonesia. I was born in Korea but I moved to Indonesia in 2006. I was afraid because I didn’t live in another country before. I studied English since grade 1 in Jakarta. I studied in Jakarta international Korean school I like to study English so that I can speak English with other people, but it was not enough to study in Korean school inside a big complex. My father was working in RAPP and I study in its international school called Sekolah Mutiara Harapan. I was so excited to study subject in English. Before I thought the people are not friendly but when I came in SMH, they speak English to me. There are many cultures, religions and even people from different countries. I was so excited to speak and I’m little bit nervous because I have to speak English to everyone this complex. There is a food court, a sport center and… there are many houses and apartments. This is the biggest complex I ever saw in the big complex I will study harder and I’ll make my dream bigger.


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