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I have 3 hobbies. Do you have any of them? My hobbies are football, badminton and studying math. If I play football it is very interesting and I like to play with a teams. I think I’m good as a defender. I kick a ball with a left foot, so I am left back. I’m not really good at playing football because I can’t dribble the ball but I can kick far and I can pass the ball properly to my team. It is a little bit tiring because I have to run far. My second hobby is playing badminton. Badminton is easy t play because I don’t need to run far. We just move our feet one step and hit a shuttle cock. Fore hand, back hand, volley and smash are technique in badminton. I’m good at smash it because I like to smash a shuttle cock and it feels good when I hit a shuttle cock. My last hobby is studying math because I like to count it makes me smart. I know how to do math very well and I got a good score in math. In school I also got a good score and the lowest score is 11\15 because sometimes I count wrong because I do math without solution. I want to get higher scores and I will write solutions. My hobbies are best thing. Hobbies are for enjoying and relaxing for me. If you don’t have any please find one.


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