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My holiday was great because I spent it with my big family in Korea. I went to Korea during the holiday. I visited my cousins. I also visited my grandmother from father side. She lives in Su Won near Seoul. She always cook for us like Gam Ja Tang. We also lived in a log cabin. Log cabins  are in every big mountain. The mountain is Pal Bong mountain. There are many log cabins there. People enjoy going there after work and people can see what is in mountain. I have seen different kinds of trees, birds and some bugs. Trees are beautiful and I love how the birds make sounds on top of the beautiful trees. We stayed in there for 2 days. The following day we went to our grandmother from mother side. She is a nurse. She always prepare many kinds of foods. She makes by herself. My grandmother always mall and buy some snacks for us. My uncle who stay with my grandmother is a medical doctor. He makes medicines for people for their health. We went to the sea in the Kang Reung and stayed in a motel. There oceans and beaches are nice there. I enjoyed dinner at Fish Slice Restaurant. We ate fish slice, king crabs and calms. It was nice. After dinner we went to back to motel and slept because we have to go back to Pekanbaru at 5:00 A.M.


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