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Charscteristics of organism have movement, nutrition, sensitivity, excretion, respiration,growing and development and reproduction.


Living things have the ability to move in some way without outside help. The movement may consist of the flow of material within the organism or external movement of the organism or parts of the organism.


There are millions of different living organisms in the world. From plants to animals and humans, organisms live different existences. Despite the variations, there are five basic needs that are applicable to all living organisms. All living organisms need air, water, food, sunlight and a proper habitat in order to servive.


Living things respond to conditions around them. For example, green plants grow toward sunshine, certain microorganisms shrink into tiny balls when something touches them, and human beings blink when light shines into their eyes.


An organism must satisfy seven specific criteria to be considered living. These criteria identify different bodily functions, nutrients needs and physical responses which an organism must display if it is to be considered among the living. Even if one category is left wanting, the organism must be considered dead or non-living.


Breathing is important to organisms because cells require oxygen to move, reproduce and function. Breath also expels carbon dioxide, which is a by-product of cellular processes within the bodies of animals. If carbon dioxide built up in a body, death would result. This condition is called carbon dioxide poisoning.

6.growing and development

Plants are living organisms–they grow, reproduce and respond to their environment. All living things have basic needs, without which they would are unable to survive. Plants have very simple needs, in general: light, air, water, nutrients, room to grow, proper temperature and time, By meeting these needs, you can ensure that your young plant can grow to a healthy one.


Reproduction is the process by which new living things are created. People, animals, plants, and even bacteria, reproduce. There are two methods by which living things reproduce–asexual or sexual. Asexual reproduction allows for a living thing to reproduce without another member of its species, while sexual reproduction requires genetic material from two different members of the species, usually but not always, a male and a female. There are a few rare species that have the ability to reproduce both sexually and asexually.


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