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There are many kinds of different communication devices and there is also difference with old and new communication devices. In old time they have radio, Black & white TV… but now we have Telephone, colour TV… At old time they write with ink with goose feather and pigeon will sent to people but now we can do every thing with E-mail.


There is several devices of ICT example Mozilla Firefox,ipad and Android

Moozilla firefox: It works, it is open source.

ipad:demonstrate that a simple ICT device that is excellent to do a couple of things — web browsing, email, photos, watching video, listening to music, playing games and reading ebooks — is all a large majority of people need.

Android: another touch-screen Linux for mobile devices — has pretty good user experience.

It is easy to think and it is fun to find and I know there are many kinds of several devices and various communication devices.


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